Hey Friends,

good to see you here, that means that you also want to receive some passive income! 😉

My Name is Norman, living in Germany being 30 years old. I am part of the Cryptoworld/Bitcoinworld for almost 3 years now. Last year I saw the huge potential in PoS coins which made me sell all my miner to focus on the Proof of Stake world.

In the last year I was able to get in contact with all different kind of coins. Some coins were a “bad buy” some coins I still stake after almost 365 days now.
The idea behind this small blog is to give you and all the other cryptofolk who thought about receiving some passive income an overview about what is possible. Of course the tutorials are very basic and for some people “to detailed” but I want to give everyone a chance to start with PoS coins.

Feel free to get in contact with me at Twitter or Telegram.

Happy staking, Norman