ALTCOM – Now HighPOS & MN in 12/2017

ALTCOM – Now HighPOS & MN in 12/2017








Name: AltCommunity Coin

Ticker: ALTCOM

Algorithm: SkunkHash

Block Time:  60 seconds

Proof of Work Reward: 1 Coin

Proof of Stake Reward: 180% APR



ALTCOM price:

1 ALTCOM = 0.00131100 BTC
Data by CryptoCompare API


Data by CryptoCompare API


Hello followers, today I release a really big review for one of my new favourite projects. I just found it a couple of days ago and read through whitepaper, talked with developers and watched their community closely.

What is ALTCOM?

With $ALTCOM I found a project with a real active community and a big development Team. This Coin comes with a total transparent Premine. The developers let the community vote in their own Forum about every invest. By taking part in their community forum you can earn ALTCOM which they call “PoT – Proof of Typing”. They also give a clear Overview what is going to happen with the Premine as you can see on their Bitcointalk thread:

How is ALTCOM Distributed?

ALTCOM was made with a 100.000 coins in premine.
To start off, 5000 coins were marked for Development funding, but later on, a vote secured another 20.000 coins making that 25.000 coins that are now in the development wallet.
Address: AY6digHqvufzK9MMYCvkPEo46r71QZS88p Donations can be sent to this address.

The Development wallet will not stake, just like the distribution wallet.

The remaining 95.000 (75.000) will be distributed by Airdrop, Signature Campaigns, Twitter Campaigns, Posting on the Official Forums.

You receive the following rewards from posting on our forums:

New Thread: 0.25 ALTCOM

New Reply: 0.15 ALTCOM

New Reply to your thread: 0.05 ALTCOM

Per Vote on Poll: 0.05 ALTCOM

Signature Campaign for Bitcointalk will be reopened soon.
People who participated in the old one will be paid.

Future Plans of ALTCOM

ALTCOM is currently working hard on their Milestones. The big difference to other POS Coins I see here is the steady development and very good future Roadmap for 2018!

Official Forums

The official forums will receive an update with a new design and a lot of new features.
The new forum will be made ready in Q4 of 2017. All data and posts will be saved and your ALTCOM that is on the forum will not be lost.

Web Wallet

The team is currently working on our own web wallet that will be open to beta testing at the end of the year. The final release should be in Q1 of 2018. The wallet will receive updates and will at some point also be able to work as a payment processor for different shop systems like WooCommerce, Magento, Prestashop and more.

eSports Tournaments and Partnerships(AltSport)

In Q2 of 2018, we will be partnering up with one or more eSports Organizations to promote our own tournaments that will be a part of the project. These tournaments will be incorporated into our own software for all gamers to join.


Sonohub that is our main project is currently being built after the community approved the funding for it with 20.000 coins from the distribution funds.
The first release of Sonohub will be in Q1 of 2018 and will contain an amazing friend finder with a lot of search parameters that makes it easy for you to find the right people to play with.
A chat system will also be in Sonohub, but VoIP will be in the 2nd release.

There is a lot of opportunities with Sonohub and we will exploit most of them to make the whole ALTCOM project interconnected. That means the ALTCOM wallet will be built into this software so you can manage your funds and send your friends money from the same app.

It’s just the tiny tip of the iceberg that lurks underneath the water.
More releases will be made in 2018 to give our community more features and to get gamers into the crypto world the best way possible.

Why shall I invest in ALTCOM?

Now I will explain the real big deal we have with ALTCOM at this moment. To explain this to you I have to explain you the current situation.

First of all, lets take a look at the current Supply of ALTCOM:

On 20th October ALTCOM comes with a total Supply of only since their POW blocks only give 1 ALTCOM per mined block.

The Developers hold round about 25.00 ALTCOM in their wallet for development as mentioned above. 75.00 ALTCOM are used forAirdrop, Signature Campaigns, Twitter Campaigns and Posting on the Official Forums. From the 75.000 coins 25.000 ALTCOM were spent so far what makes 75.000 ALTCOM circulating at this moment that are able to stake! This coin has a very low price for the circulating supply at the moment – 1 ALTCOM is roundabout 30.000 satoshi (~1,70$) at the moment.

Then we take a look at their Proof of Stake Phase:

Final Report

To summarize this I see a coin on a very early stage with a very nice Proof of Stake reward. Actual circulating supply and actual Proof of Stake difficulty is very low and its only slowly growing. People really hold their coins because they believe in this project. You can earn coins easy by participating in the ALTCOM community or stake almost every tiny amount in your Wallet. My first deoposit has been 10 ALTCOM and they staked after one day. The basic mature time is around 5 hours so you can compound pretty nice!

I decided to join this project in this stage to get the most out of the current Proof of Stake phase. This is the first High POS coin I got with a real longterm perspective.



In mid december of 2017, a new feature will be added to ALTCOM.

We have seen a bit of interest in this specific feature and the team can see the idea of having it in as it will help us secure our network even better.

From the 15th of December, ALTCOM will be running with Masternodes as well.

ALTCOM will provide a Masternode solution in December 2017 !