B3 – 10.000% ROI for 20K Blocks!

B3 – 10.000% ROI for 20K Blocks!








(PoS-System = POS + static amount 1 B3 per block)
0  –    10k           8%
10K –    20k         15%
20K –    30k         25%
30K –    40k         50%
40K –    50k       100%
50K –    60k      1000%
    60K –    80k    10000%
80K –  100k        100%
100K – 1000k         20%
1000K –    end           5%


B3 price:

1 B3 = 0.00000023 BTC
Data by CryptoCompare API


Data by CryptoCompare API




Ok guys, here I found a real interesting Coin. First of all, it is quite of expensive but it seems to work as promoted. I downloaded the Wallet deposited 1000 and 3000 B3 Coins into 2 Blocks. The 3000 B3 hit a stake of 465 after just 12 hours. The 1000 B3 are still staking. Usualy I wait more times to write a review but in this case I am a bit faster because we have to take care of the current Blockstatus. The 10.000% ROI are given between Block number 60.000 and 80.000. We discovered this Project when it was at Block 60.500, right now we are around 61.000 so still 19.000 Blocks with 10.000% ROI (Highest I ever saw).

I got no experiences if 100,  1000 or 10000 are the best amount to start, so please try on your own. Right now we only know that 3k bring 465 in 12 hours. Thats pretty solid when you see the actual price. When the ROI was around 1000% it was already around 20.000 satoshi, thats solid. So you might get in now, stake the 10000% and sell or hodl – your decission.


Coin is also on YoBit but the Developer posted at bitcointalk 2 days ago that its not recomment to buy at YoBit cause you will not be able to Withdrawl cause of the wrong Chain or whatever. Please buy at Cryptopia and check the Bitcointalk Thread.