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April 30, 2019

Trick “fixed Port” Nodes


Running a Masternode is cheap in the current market situation. Hosting a Masternode is kinda expensive. If Masternodes have “flexible” Ports and can be hosted multiple times on the same Server ( MONK, BITG, … ) it gets already way cheaper to host them. Some Masternodes require a “fixed” Port and each guide tells you “You can only run 1 Masternode per Server”. Having a Masternode with fixed Port generating 5$ per Month compared to paying 5$ per Server per Month those Masternodes get really worthless since the risk of loosing money in this 30 days is way higher then making a couple of cents profit.


We [...]

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May 11, 2018

How to Master Proof of Stake

Alriiiiiiiight my friends, this is the post so many of you waited for – the ultimate HOW THE HELL DOES PROOF OF STAKE WORK tutorial from A to Z.

What is Proof of Stake and what is the difference to Proof of Work?

Let us begin with the very basics of Proof of Stake first. Proof of Stake ( POS ) and Proof of Work ( POW ) are basicaly two methods to mine cryptocurrencies.

While on the one side Proof of Work is calculating Blocks & new Coins with the use of GPU/ CPU – which is highly inefficient – Proof of Stake is generating the Blocks / Coins by – basicaly said – sharing your Coins in a secured Wallet with the complete Network. [...]

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September 28, 2017

How to perform a Wallet Update / Fork

Hello Friends,

i saw that a lot of people had trouble in the last days to update their wallets because so many coins forked/updated.

In general you have to understand that almost every Fork performed moves the Coin to a new blockchain – blockchain updates are MANDATORY Updates for you to do. If you stake on the old Chain your stakes may be worth 0 because the “correct” Wallet is running on a different blockchain.

Prepare your Fork!

Starting the Fork your first and most important step to do is closing the wallet!

Now you please navigate to your AppData/Roaming/ folder. If you dont know how to navigate to this Folder simply type %appdata% [...]

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September 19, 2017

Push Notifications on Smartphone

Today we gonna have a look at a feature so many of you were already looking for. We found a way how to receive a push notification on your Smartphone (iOS/Android) whenever one of your Wallets hits a reward! This is nice if you plan to use coin control after every reward. You also dont have to check your Server 24 / 7 anymore.

Alright fellas, here is a list of tools you will need for this before we can start with the setup:

Install Python on your Windows machine -> Download Python Install PushBullet App on your Smartphone Register an Account for PushBullet -> Register

Once you managed to do this you are ready to setup your PushNotifications.

Get Python Ready [...]
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