Exclusive Partner of ZAP Hosting

Exclusive Partner of ZAP Hosting

Hello Friends,

i got some good news today. I was contacted by the CEO of ZAP Hosting. They provide safe and cheap ways to host your Virtual Server for Windows Wallets. Since my Wallets are running on two Windows Virtual Servers with no problems I can highly recommend them. They also got an active support chat helping you as fast as possible with all your questions.

The big problem in the last days was that their default Virtual Server was only hosted in german language and not real good usuable for my followers from all over the world. The good news is that they added an option to choose english language pack during your order. You can start without changing / downloading language packs – its pretty easy right now.

As an exclusive Partner of ZAP Hosting I managed to get my own Promocode giving all my followers 10% for their VirtualServer orders. They also got Bitcoin available for paying the order.

Please use the following code on your orders:


You can pay on monthly base or use it as a Prepaid Server that you can cancel every month. The longer you pay at once the cheaper it will be for you.

If you take a one year contract using the Promocode u got to pay around 8€ each month in average. So you safe like 20% compared to monthly prepaid. Make the calculations and choose what suites the best for you.

Also check out this to make your calculations, in most of the cases a VirtualServer is the cheapest and securest way to use Wallets for staking.

I will prepare Raffles with Prepaid codes for VServer to get them 1,2,3 month for free! Check my twitter 😉

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3 people have the chance to win a Prepaid VServer hosted by ZAP Hosting running for free for 30 days! To join the Raffle please follow ZAP Hosting, like and retweet: