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How to Add Nodes to Sync Wallets!

How to Add Nodes to Sync Wallets!

Hello PoSArmy,

another day, another Tutorial.

Today I want to talk with you about a big problem I figured out in the last weeks. So many people have trouble setting up the necessary Node config to sync their wallets. In this tutorial i am going to explain you what are nodes, why they need to be added and ofcourse I will give you en example file you can use for a lot of Wallets.

What are Nodes and Why do I have to add them?

Okay, first of all a general information. Wallets need connections to the network they use to download blocks and send transactions. Therefor each Wallet is using their own IP Adresses (Nodes) to make this possible. Usually all needed Nodes to connect to the network are included in the Wallet itself, but sometimes Nodes may change after the Release of a Wallet so you have to add new IP Adresses manualy. There are two possible ways to do it: 1) U use the Console Input that every Wallet got (HELP -> DEBUG -> CONSOLE) or you add a “.conf” File into your Wallet folder to give him the needed IP adresses.

How do I add a Node?

If there are any nodes needed the people might tell you at the bitcointalk thread. In the future I will add a “Node” section to my Reviews to make sure you guys got the latest ones to start the Wallet.

First try:

Try to use the Console – as written above – to add nodes manualy.

When you found the console please try the following Command:

addnode IPADRESS add

You have to enter every IP from the Nodelist with a single commandline. After every addnode comment press enter.

If you receive an Error message then its not possible to add them manualy, therefor you need to go over to possibility 2.

The Second possibility is to create a config file for each Wallet that needs nodes. The basic setup of a Node file is looking the same in 95% of the cases.

Please find a Download of an empty File, you can fill it with the Nodes you need and rename it with the right name.


  1. Extract the Archive to receive the .conf File
  2. Open the .conf File and add the IP configs as you can see in the example
  3. Rename the .conf File based on the %appdata%/Roaming/WALLETNAME – for Mousecoin the folder is %appdata%/Roaming/Mousecoin so the config needs to be named “Mousecoin.conf”
  4. Move the .conf File to your Wallet folder at %appdata%/Roaming/WALLETNAME
  5. Restart Wallet, wait some time, it will sync now

To get to the AppData folder you simply have to open an Explorer and type %appdata% – then you can navigate to Roaming/WALLETNAME

Good Luck mates!

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