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How to perform a Wallet Update / Fork

How to perform a Wallet Update / Fork

Hello Friends,

i saw that a lot of people had trouble in the last days to update their wallets because so many coins forked/updated.

In general you have to understand that almost every Fork performed moves the Coin to a new blockchain – blockchain updates are MANDATORY Updates for you to do. If you stake on the old Chain your stakes may be worth 0 because the “correct” Wallet is running on a different blockchain.

Prepare your Fork!

Starting the Fork your first and most important step to do is closing the wallet!

Now you please navigate to your AppData/Roaming/ folder. If you dont know how to navigate to this Folder simply type %appdata% in your Explorer and then the Folder will open.

Here you see all of the Wallets you are running in specific folders. In the most Developer tutorial I read so far the Devs want you to “Delelte the old Folder and Backup the Wallet.dat before” – I already saw a lot of people struggelin with this. You can also simply move your COIN folder to COIN_old – then all your data is 100% safe. But anyway it is always clever to update your Wallet.dat on your local machine / USB Stick to be sure you wont loos it.

Update Wallet

Now – after you closed wallet and moved COIN folder to a different name you can start your new Wallet you downloaded from the Developer.

After you started the Wallet and it was loaded 100% you can instant close it again. Then you can navigate to your AppData/Roaming folder again. Next to you “COIN_old” you created you will now see again the “COIN” folder. Now move you WALLET.dat from your “COIN_old” folder to your “COIN” folder and replace the one inside.

If there is a bootstrap available for faster synchonization you should use this to instant sync. If there is no Bootstrap, you are finished. You can now start the Wallet again and you should see your coins again once it is synced up.

Install Bootstrap

If there is a Bootstrap available for your Coin you should always use it!

Just download the Bootstrap.ZIP or Bootstrap.RAR  (should be any kind of Archvie) and open it with WinRar (or Winzip).

Now make sure you extract the content into your “COIN” folder at AppData/Roaming. If the archive tool wont ask you to OVERWRITE files, you did something wrong. Make sure u wont create a new folder into your “COIN” folder. You always have to overwrite files!

I saw that a lot of people extracted the “Bootstrap” folder into the “COIN” folder at AppData, that wont work. It is mandatory to replace existing files.

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