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How to Start with PoS

How to Start with PoS

Alright PoSArmy,

you requested a tutorial showing you examples and ways how to start in the kinda new world of Proof of Stake profit. Of course I can only show you possibilities from my point of view with the actual marketsituation and prices. I can not give you guarantee that those strategies will work for 100%.

When you can invest in a range up to ~200-300$ you have to take a look for PoS Coins that are not having a real high networkweight to receive some daily rewards. The Problem about coins like EMBER is that you can ofcourse stake with only 500.000 EMB (worth around 500.000 * 9 sat = 4.500.000 satoshi = 200$ ) but with the actual networkweight it may take you up to lets say 10 days to receive your first stake. Some people say “Yeah, but I receive 20% each day for 10 days which is around 200%, thats insane!” – I say it is a “good” amount to start, but u lost hell of coins compared to daily rewards.


START AMOUNT 500k Coins with Daily Reward of 20%:

One time reward after 10 days brings you:

Day1 – Day10  (10*20=200%) = 500k + 1M = 1.500.000 Coins

Daily rewards will bring you:

Day1 (20%) =  600.00
Day2 (20%) = 720.000
Day3 (20%) = 864.000
Day4 (20%) = 1.036.800
Day5 (20%) = 1.244.160
Day6 (20%) = 1.492.992
Day7 (20%) = 1.791.590
Day8 (20%) = 2.149.908
Day9 (20%) = 2.579.890
Day10 (20%) = 3.095.868

This calculation shows you that you could have earned the doubled amount of coins if you would have invested a) a larger amount on EMB to receive the stakes every day or b) you invested in a coin with a lower network weight to receive daily rewards with smaller amount of coins, too.

It is really important to be aware of this guys. Some people will say now “But I still doubled my coins in 10 days and made 400$ out of my 200$”. There is an easy answer. HighPoS coins have a high influation and nobody can guarantee you that the price will be still on 9 sat in 10 days, the price can drop to a couple of sat pretty fast (of course this would be a worst case szenario and will not happen so fast for sure) but you always have to see that this is a potential problem with the coins you got. When you get 1.500.000 coins after 10 days out of 500.000 by entering at 9 satoshi you are in profit after 10 days as long as the price is above 3 satoshi! If you would have gotten daily rewards you would have roundabout 3.000.000 coins and if you sell them for 3 satoshi you would receive around 9.000.000 satoshi which is still the double amount you invested ( 200$ = 4.500.000 satoshi at 9 sat for 500.000 coins ). This example shows you that its sometimes better to invest some dollars more into one coin to be able to get more money out of the daily rewards.

Lets take a look at some different way of investing. Of course 20% is a great daily reward and thats one reason i really like EMBER, but the daily rewards will soon (oct/nov) change to 2% daily which is also insane!

Some good coins to start with in the staking world are:

  1. #808coin 
    1. Listed on Cryptopia!
    2. Good amount to start around 250k – 500k
    3. Everything up to 60 satoshi as buy in
    4. ~20% each 8-9 days
  2. $WOMEN
    1. Listed on Yobit and Coinexchange
    2. Good amount to start around 20k – 30k
    3. Everything up to 300 satoshi as buy in
    4. 2,7% each day
  3. $KOI
    1. Listed on Coinexchange and NOVA
    2. Good amount to start around 500k – 1 M
    3. Everything up to 15 satoshi as buy in
    4. 0,5% each day ( small coin supply compared to other PoS coins and pretty unknown at the moment )
  4. $MAY
    1. Listed on Coinexchange and Yobit
    2. Good amount to start around 30k – 50k
    3. Everything up to 100 satoshi as buy in
    4. Right now it is DPoS – you get 100 MAY ( going up to 1000 !!! MAY next weeks ) for each block you hit. After DPoS it is 1% daily
  5. $LANA
    1. Listed on Cryptopia!
    2. Good amount to start around 1M – 2M
    3. Everything up to 15 satoshi as buy in
    4. 1000 LANA for each block you hit – several ones a day possible
  6. $MICE
    1. Listed on NOVA
    2. Good amount to start around 5 billion
    3. Everything up to 250 dogetoshi (at the moment real cheap)
    4. 20% daily reward, same like EMBER ->> CARE OF HIGH INFLUATION

Those coins can give you daily rewards even without owning couple of Bitcoins worth of them. Of course the rewards are smaller then EMBER but they are for sure some mid to longterm investments. General you shall not focus on only one coin. My portfolio is existing of 10 coins right now which I all stake on the same Virtual Server.

Let us say you managed to setup some coins and receive around 2.5% as daily reward of your investment. I will show you what you can get out of 1.000$ in one month (with stabil sat price!).

Day0 = 1000$
Day1 = 1025$
Day10 = 1.218$
Day20 =1.485$
Day30 = 1.811$

With daily rewards of 2,5% you can make around 811$ in one month if you let your wallet run 24 / 7 and use Coin Control regulary. So even if the sat price of your investment drops down to 55% you are still in the profit after 1 month of staking if you get around 2,5% each day.

I hope this blog can help you to make  the right decissions. From my point of view I can only tell you to get into staking as soon as possible because this is an actual trend finding more and more people joining the train each day.

Happy Staking fellas,

your Monkey

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