$HOLD – Starting like a Rocket !

$HOLD – Starting like a Rocket !







Coin Cap: 2 000 000 000
Premine: 2.5% (1.5% OF THIS WILL BE BURNT)


1 coin fair launch
2501-10000 50 coins
10001-5m 100 coins
Blocks 2500 – 10000: 2500%
10000 – 25000: 5000%
25000 – 80000: 750%
80000 – 130000: 1000%
130000 – 170000: 2000%
170000 – 190000: 3600%
190000 – 200000: 7200%



HOLD price:

1 HOLD = 0.00000520 BTC
Data by CryptoCompare API


Data by CryptoCompare API



With Interstellar Holding $HOLD we got a Project from Proof of Stake Fans for Proof of Stake Fans !

This coin has a very cool ROI Structure and a very fair launch from the beginning. $HOLD used part of their Premine, sold them in packages at the Bitcointalk Announcement Thread and collected Funds to use them to a 100% to get their Project listed on as many Exchanges as possible. It is also one of the first POS coins being listed on Cryptopia as their first Exchange. They also paid for YoBit and Coinexchange already – many more are on their Roadmap! They will also burn a big part of their Premine ( around 70% of it ).

And what can I say, the Rewards that are incoming are just SICK ! They started with a very high ROI for some blocks slowly slowing down over the number of Blocks. Right now we are at the 2500% ROI changing to 5000% very soon. Then you will get 15% of your Investment back, every day. With a mature time of 6h and only 2.000.000 Coins circulating $HOLD shows a lot of potential.

The coin comes with a HUGE Community on their Social Media Channels, their Discord Server ( ) is already one of the most active channels.

I will watch this coin closely in the near future, I see a lot of potential here.