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$MAY – Theresa May Coin

$MAY – Theresa May Coin


Algorithm: SHA256 POW/POS
216901 POW/POS blocks
totall supply 100.000.000 MAY
Blocktime 5 min

block 2 - 201 / 0 per block
block 202 - 12001 / 10 per block
block 12002 - 32001 / 50 per block
block 32002 - 62001 / 100 per block
block 62002 - 102001 / 200 per block
block 102002 - 152001 / 400 per block
block 152002 - 212001 / 800 per block
block 212002 - 216901 / 1000 per block









Calculatable Inflation
Fixed POS Rewards
Low total supply of 100m $MAY


Dev is not super active, but doing his job at least.

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Bottom Line

$MAY is an unknown Gem not many people stake currently. Totaly undervalued.

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In the times of Masternode Auctions and High POS coins i wanna present you one of my all time favourite Proof of Stake coins with one of the best structures around. Today we are taking a closer look on Theresa May Coin $MAY which is already around for some month. As usual – this coin is for clever investors – the potential shown in the coin structure of MAY is enormous and it is great for all people who love Proof of Stake. The Developer may not be super active on bitcointalk but he always took care of his coin and updated Wallet if needed. The coin itself is running smooth without any issues on exchanges.

POS Rewards

block 2 – 201 / 0 per block

block 202 – 12001 / 10 per block

block 12002 – 32001 / 50 per block

block 32002 – 62001 / 100 per block

block 62002 – 102001 / 200 per block

block 102002 – 152001 / 400 per block

block 152002 – 212001 / 800 per block

block 212002 – 216901 / 1000 per block

So what differs $MAY from High Proof of Stake Coins?

As long as Proof of Stake is based on percentages like XXXX% Return of Interest for one Year the coin supply will keep going out of control. Every day more and more coins are generated because the percentage of the daily return is calculated each day on the new circulating supply.

Let us do an  easy example. We have 10% daily returns over a period of 30 days. Out of 100.000 coins actual supply the new Supply after 30 days would be roughly 1.744.940 coins generated. This means the circulating supply of 100.000 coins from day 1 was multiplied by 17,5 in just 30 days. For you, this is great, you had 1000 coins and now you got 17500 coins. But the big Problem is that people want to keep selling coins every day because so many new are generated. There wont be enough people buying all those new coins, this will cause in a Price Drop which you see at almost every Proof of Stake coin around based on high percentages. If you wont get out at the correct point you wont be able to sell all your coins because the Supply keeps increasing even more.

May comes with fixed Proof of Stake rewards which solves this problem really easy. For a coin like May it wont matter how many coins circulate, it generates the same amount of coins every day. We have ~280 Blocks each day at $MAY generating – based on what Block we have – each day  280 times XXX $MAY. A structure like this will make sure that the maximum coin supply of only 100.000.000 $MAY will be generated on a certain day – no single day before!

Currently we are in the Area of “block 102002 – 152001 / 400 per block” – in like 20-30 days we will reach Block 150.000 and double to 800 $MAY fixed Reward per Block!

With a maximum supply of only 100.000.000 $MAY this coin is totaly undervalued on the exchanges. The biggest problem is that not many people know about the coin structure and the possibilities of $MAY.

How to Stake $MAY ?

To maximize your invest with $MAY you need to stake $MAY on a proper way. I am staking $MAY for Month already so I was able to find the best way to get daily returns.

You need to think of a new way of staking with coins like $MAY. It is not recommendable to put all your $MAY into 1 Block that stakes. There is also an easy example which will explains more what I mean.

Let us say you got 100.000 $MAY and transfered them to your Wallet. Now you got 1 Block of 100k $MAY staking. This Block might hit the fixed Reward of (currently) 400 pretty fast. But only like one time each day. This will give you 400 $MAY for 100.000 $MAY you hold a day which is a daily return of 0,4%. If you split your $MAY in 10 Blocks of 10.00 $MAY you might also get daily stakes ( based on current weight ofcourse ) – but then you might stake 10 times a day giving you 10×400 = 4000 $MAY which is roughly 4% daily return which is awesome knowing that the maximum supply of 100.000.000 $MAY will need a fixed time to be reached -> reasonable Inflation rate!

So, how to split your Input into Blocks? This is done pretty easy.

Way 1 :

Make transactions of 10k $MAY from Exchange to your $MAY Wallet

Way 2 :

Send full amount from Exchange to your Wallet, wait until they are confirmed, then send 10k $MAY to yourself several times using Coin Control. Send 10k, wait 1 confirmation, open Coin Control and select the “Big” Block again to resend 10k… repeat as often as possible.

If you split your Blocks into several small ones staking might look similar like my result i currently got.



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