$MONK – Flexible ROI Superblocks 24 / 7

$MONK – Flexible ROI Superblocks 24 / 7







Coin Name Monkey Project
Coin Ticker MONK
Premine 400 000
Presale 100 000
Max supply 100 000 000
Coin type POS / POW
Block time 180 Sec
Mininum Stake age 8 hours
Maximum Stake age 48 hours
Yearly Interest up to 1850%



MONK price:

1 MONK = 0.00139000 BTC
Data by CryptoCompare API


Data by CryptoCompare API




I waited some days to review my own coin Monkey Project $MONK because we had to sort things out – now we are finished and I will explain it to you guys in full details!

Behind Monkey Project is a Team of 10+ people working on the success of the coin. The Team is a mixture of core developers, community managers and marketing gurus. The basic Idea of $MONK was to listen closely to the wishes of the Proof of Stake Community, it was very important for the Team to let the community decide on the future of the Coin.

On 18th of December $MONK Team released a new Wallet bringing a completely new and innovate rewarding System to all Proof of Stake lovers, lets take a closer look at it:

Most of you know already a lot of coins with Super-, Ultra-, Hyper- and Whateverblocks (xGox, EDDIE, HOLD,…) – people seem to like the different ROI Stages and all of those Superblock coins are quite successful.

There WAS only one big problem with all of these coins:

People locked their Wallets and waited for the BIG ROI Blocks to appear, this causes MASSIVE stakes during the Superblocks following up with LARGE dumps of the staked coins.

We had a lot of discussions, tests and ideas within the team and finaly found a solution to avoid dumpwaves during Superblocks.

How does the ROI System of $MONK work and what is the difference?

The big secret and unique feature of $MONK is that Blocks with different ROI are present 24 hours, 7 days a week! We found a way to reward Superblocks in a regular way.

The OLD Superblock mechanics looked like this:

Block 0 – Block 999 – LOW ROI
Block 1000 – 1200 – HIGH ROI
Block 1201 – 9999 – LOW ROI
Block 10000 – 10200 – HIGH ROI

Monkey Project found a way to avoid inflation by people locking their wallets to only stake the HIGH ROI to hit MASSIVE stakes every couple of days.

The MONKEY Superblock mechanics look like:

Block XXX1 – 1850% ROI ( ULTRABLOCK )
Block XXX2 – 365% ROI
Block XXX3 – 365% ROI
Block XXX4 – 365% ROI
Block XXX5 – 730% ROI ( SUPERBLOCK )
Block XXX6 – 365% ROI
Block XXX7 – 365% ROI
Block XXX8 – 730% ROI ( SUPERBLOCK )
Block XXX9- 365% ROI
Block XXX0 – 365% ROI

In detail this means that all POS Blocks found are rewarded with a different ROI – every Block ending with a 1 is an Ultrablock giving you 1850% ROI – every Block ending with 5 and 8 are giving you 730% ROI – all others are giving the standard daily return of 365% ROI.

With a system like this it is not possible anymore to lock your wallets for maximum mature time (48 hours here) and wait for the Big Blocks. You are not able to unlock to hit a certain Block since you cant control what Block you are going to hit with your stake.

This unique System gives a healthy ROI System without the risk of high inflation like we saw in other Superblock projects.

Wallet Features of MONK

Monkey Project also comes along with a couple of nice Wallet Features.

Totaly Minted Coins

The Wallet will always display how many coins you already staked since you started to give you an overview about your total profit while you are staking.

Stakesplit Threshold

You are able to define minimum block sizes so you dont have to use coin control anymore.

Potential Stakes

At Input Tab you can see the potential stake based on your waiting times.

Roadmap of Monkey Project

We are steady improoving our coin and released our Roadmap in December 2017 – it is viewable on

The biggest improovement will be the implementation of Masternodes in Q1 2018 – once there are more Information available I will update this review.