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September 28, 2017

How to perform a Wallet Update / Fork

Hello Friends,

i saw that a lot of people had trouble in the last days to update their wallets because so many coins forked/updated.

In general you have to understand that almost every Fork performed moves the Coin to a new blockchain – blockchain updates are MANDATORY Updates for you to do. If you stake on the old Chain your stakes may be worth 0 because the “correct” Wallet is running on a different blockchain.

Prepare your Fork!

Starting the Fork your first and most important step to do is closing the wallet!

Now you please navigate to your AppData/Roaming/ folder. If you dont know how to navigate to this Folder simply type %appdata% [...]

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September 19, 2017

Push Notifications on Smartphone

Today we gonna have a look at a feature so many of you were already looking for. We found a way how to receive a push notification on your Smartphone (iOS/Android) whenever one of your Wallets hits a reward! This is nice if you plan to use coin control after every reward. You also dont have to check your Server 24 / 7 anymore.

Alright fellas, here is a list of tools you will need for this before we can start with the setup:

Install Python on your Windows machine -> Download Python Install PushBullet App on your Smartphone Register an Account for PushBullet -> Register

Once you managed to do this you are ready to setup your PushNotifications.

Get Python Ready [...]
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September 11, 2017

How to Add Nodes to Sync Wallets!

Hello PoSArmy,

another day, another Tutorial.

Today I want to talk with you about a big problem I figured out in the last weeks. So many people have trouble setting up the necessary Node config to sync their wallets. In this tutorial i am going to explain you what are nodes, why they need to be added and ofcourse I will give you en example file you can use for a lot of Wallets.

What are Nodes and Why do I have to add them?

Okay, first of all a general information. Wallets need connections to the network they use to download blocks and send transactions. Therefor each Wallet is using their own IP Adresses (Nodes) to make this possible. Usually all needed Nodes to [...]

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September 7, 2017

How to start with a VServer

Hello Friends,

i got asked to do a small workaround explaing what to do to start with a Virtual Server running your wallets. It could have many benefits to avoid using your own Machine for Wallets 24/7 so here is my tutorial.


First of all you need a Hoster to run your Server – so far i got experiences with ZAPĀ  HOSTING.They are secure and its easy to setup and use a Server.

ZAP Hosting is setting up all VServers in german or english language – you can decide at your order.

Feel free to use the following 10% code on your orders:


You can pay on monthly base or use it as a Prepaid Server [...]

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