Prepare your Wallet for Staking!

Since I am in contact with a lot of you guys I figured out some mayor problems people will face when they start to use wallets for staking coins.

One of the most common problem so far is that people dont know that they have to prepare their Wallet for staking coins.

In general it is done in 3 easy steps:


Download the Wallet, Install it and open it for the first time.


See if the Wallet gets connections to the nodesystem. If it got connections you will see the green check sign and the connection bar next to it will grow.


Setup an encryption password for your Wallet, after you did this your Wallet asks for a restart, please do so.


Unlock your Wallet, please press on the Button, enter your password.

The final result will show you the following Icons (maybe in different designs based on wallets)

Now your Wallet is ready for staking, just leave it open like this and the stakes will follow up 😉

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