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Push Notifications on Smartphone

Push Notifications on Smartphone

Today we gonna have a look at a feature so many of you were already looking for. We found a way how to receive a push notification on your Smartphone (iOS/Android) whenever one of your Wallets hits a reward! This is nice if you plan to use coin control after every reward. You also dont have to check your Server 24 / 7 anymore.

Alright fellas, here is a list of tools you will need for this before we can start with the setup:

  1. Install Python on your Windows machine -> Download Python
  2. Install PushBullet App on your Smartphone
  3. Register an Account for PushBullet -> Register

Once you managed to do this you are ready to setup your PushNotifications.

Get Python Ready to interact with PushBullet

The first thing we have to do now is to setup the interaction between your machine and your Smartphone. We used PushBullet software for this because its free to use and relatively easy to setup.

Please install your Python Software on the machine and enable the PATH option at the installer.

After installation navigate to the Folder you installed Python ( maybe C:\Python\ ) and start a command line in this window. You can easy do this by clicking shift + right mouse button into the Folder and choose “Open Command Line here” or something similar.

Once you opened up the Shell please post the following comand into it:

python -m pip install pushbullet-cli
 PushBullet Service is now ready! Leave this command shell open please for the next step!

Generate an API Key to connect your Smartphone with your Windows Machine

First of all make sure that the PushBullet app is running and connected. Please check the PushBullet Site if your Smartphone is listed under Devices -> DEVICES

Next thing we have to do is setting up the connection between Smartphone and your PC. Please generate a Token on the PushBullet Website -> GENERATE TOKEN

Once you got the Access Token ready we have to put it into the Command Shell with the following command Line by entering the following command:

pb set-key

Then you can enter your Token from the Website.
Once you finished setting up the API connection by entering the key you can test if the setup was successful.
Just enter the following command into your command windows:
pb push posmonkey
Now you shall reveice a push notfication on your Smartphone from PushBullet telling you “posmonkey”.

Get Your Wallet Ready to sent Pushnotifications

Wow mate, congratulations, once you made it til here, the rest is real simple!

Please download the following .bat file and unzip it on your Windows machine. I prefered to create a folder at C:\ called “crypto” and put the push.bat right there.


Now we have to add a commandline to each  WALLET.conf file to tell  the Wallet to send your Smartphone a notification everytime he received a stake.

Please add the following two lines into your WALLET.conf file at %appdata%/Roaming/WALLET

walletnotify=C:\crypto\push.bat WALLETNAME RECEIVED A STAKE !
alertnotify=C:\crypto\push.bat WALLETNAME RECEIVED A STAKE !

Please change WALLETNAME into the name of the Coin and “C:\crypto\push.bat” to the location where you put the push.bat file.

Once you finished adding the two lines please restart your wallet. Next time you receive a stake you will get a push notification to your Smartphone!


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