StakeUnited – Proof of Stake without VPS

StakeUnited – Proof of Stake without VPS

Good Morning friends,

long time I did not blog about ways how to reduce the efforts to stake easy and profitable.

Couple of days ago I was contacted by a Website called “StakeUnited” and they explained me their concept, we had some interesting calls and I really like their concept.

[We are proud to present you the fully automated managed multicoin pool!]

— Official pool of [MONK] and [LAMBO] —

+ Our Pool is the world first automated and fully managed pool.

+ An intuitive user interface to manage your coins and to check the community pool.

+ Reward time is lot shorter when you stake together with our pool.

+ We are absolutely transparent.

+ No restrictions on deposits or withdraws.

+ Completely secure and stress-free.

+ Each Wallet has its own Server and is not connected to our network.

[Our Coins]


[Early Bird Bonus:]

The first 15 Days our service is completely free! (till the 17 Dec. 2017)

Those are the core specifications of their Website, as you can see, the first 15 days you can stake on their Website without any Fees.



I filled their Pools to make staking worth for everyone joining now!

This means that everyone who is joining the StakeUnited pool now is staking together with my coins in a very big pool. We can compound together in a very easy way.

The cool part about StakeUnited is that you can use this Pool like an exchange, you can deposit and withdrawl directly from their Website and you dont have to fill out any forms/contact any persons, it is fully automatic.