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VServer or Own PC?

VServer or Own PC?

Hello Friends,

today I want to talk with you about how to maximize your staking profits. If you want to stake coins you have to get Wallets which shall run 24 hours, 7 days a week. Depending on the PC and local electricity prices per Kilowatt hour it is a good idea to make the calculations. A good alternative to let your PC run the whole day is a Windows hosted on a virtual server paid on a monthly prepaid contract, what means that you only pay as long as you want to use the service.

Let’s do the calculation based on my situation. I am living in Germany and I got a gaming PC. For some calculation we can say that I use 140W per hour based on a kWh price around 23 cent.

The calculation would be the following:

24 hours * 140kw = 3,36 kWh * 0,23$ = 0,77$ per day * 30 = 23$ / month

A VirtualServer with 4 Core CPU, 4 GB Ram and 25GB SSD running Windows Server 2016 cost me around 8$ a month.

So please, do the calculation for your own PC and check the power your machine used in general to avoid high bills for the electricity prices.

Feel free to checkout some hosting services for VServers. I choosed ZAP-Hosting and I am very happy with them so far.

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