XIOS – NEW MN Coin – 0 Premine

XIOS – NEW MN Coin – 0 Premine







Total Coin Supply 21,000,000 coins
Type PoW/PoS
Block Rewards
1,333 coins rewarded from block 1 to 1440.
1441 to 3440 (33.3 coins)
3441 to 9441 (3.3 coins)
Forever mining at 1.33 coin block after block 9,442th-500,000th block
After that 1 coin per block forever
Maturity: 30 blocks
Target Block-time: 1 minute/block
Difficulty Re-Target: 4 blocks
Master Node Specs
Activates at Block 3441
Node Cost Amount:1,000
Node Rewards: .333
Proof of stake begins : 1440 block
HiPos : 1
Minimum age: 1 hour
Maximum age : 365 Days
Premine percent 0%
Premine amount 0  coins



Today I am going to talk about an actual very cheap Masternode. XIOS project looks really interesting from my point of view. The developers decided to create kind of similar coin like $VIVO here. The big difference is that $XIOS comes up with 0 Premine while the Developer of VIVO owns roundabout 900.000 coins of the circulating 1.400.000 Coins. XIOS had a high POW Phase at the start giving 1333 coins for each found Block. With a fair launch like that the developer gave the whole Community the chance to get some XIOS for the launch. By hitting block 1441 the POW reward changed to 33 coins which is still fair. With a very low total coin supply of only 27.000.000 XIOS (same amount like VIVO) this one is a real interesting project since you are able to create a Masternode for 1000 XIOS.

Right now this coin is – compared to VIVO – really cheap available because it is only listed on a small Exchange (Coinsmarkets). I am already talking to the developer. In near future XIOS is going to hit YoBit, Coinexchange and Nova. Dont be worried about the prices shown on Coinsmarkets – they added 1 more satoshi digit to their prices so 1 bitcoin is 1 billion satoshi instead of 100 million. The price for XIOS is only 5% of the actual price of VIVO ( 3.000 sat compared to 60.000 sat ). For all those who missed the VIVO train at August XIOS is a new chance to get a good running Masternode ( starting at Block 3441 ) with a real active Developer.

With this review I tried a new of presenting Coins to you. I figured out that the Proof of Stake market is flooded with Coins at the moment. So it is always a good Idea to find a new way of receiving passive Income.

Guides, how to setup Masternodes, will be added to the Announcement thread of Bitcointalk.